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Meet Maile Eubank

It's a pleasure to make your virtual acquaintance! Before stepping into my credentials I'd love for you to know me personally. I was born in San Clemente in an orphanage and grew up in foster care until I was adopted my amazing parents, Joey and Sherri at the age of 5. My father was a hard worker and adventure sport enthusiast who raced professionally and owned a motorcycle shop and my mother is a strong business minded woman that successfully paved her way through the financial banking world. Together they taught me how to be kind, work hard but also live life with passion, light in spirit and heavy in heart. I applied this to education, business, relationships, travel and so much more!


I've always had a never ending thirst and curiosity to try new things. Some would say I get bored easily, but I like to convey it's exactly the opposite. As cliche as it sounds life truly is short, well at least too short for me. There is so much to experience! There are so many cultures and people to meet, befriend and learn from! The list goes on. Anywhere in the world, which I dream of seeing it all, you can find me in the ocean surfing, playing beach volleyball or smackball; Hiking/biking/camping in the desert or the mountains! Adventure, exploration and continuous education is woven into my soul!

Regarding my career- I moved to LA at 19 where I got my start as an Office Manager Surgeon specializing in Breast Cancer. This is where I learned about health and disease and developed such high respect for health care workers. Later in life, I transitioned into Real Estate while pursuing freelance makeup artistry on the weekends for fun. Since I can remember I've always had fire in my soul for beauty products that didn't transform you into something you are not, but complimented and magnified one's "natural" beauty. The less is more perspective. And after a decade of success working to make someone else's company successful, I decided to leave the corporate world behind and go back to pursuing my passion, but this time as a career! I wanted to be my own boss, create my own core values, help women feel empowered, confident and give them back time; because let's be honest, what woman doesn't want to spend less time getting ready?

  • I studied Microblading at Allure Academy in Los Angeles and devoted 6 months to training and practice prior to offering any services.

  • Every month I offer 2 pro bono cases for cancer patients prior to going through chemotherapy. (It's common to lose your eyebrows too). The program is called, "Pay With a Smile"!

  • Nurses, Doctors and Military personnel and Teachers receive all services at a 10% discount.​​


I can't wait to meet and get to know you!


Sending love and light - Maile


Beauty is not something that can be easily defined or in only one way. It's perception is ever-evolving and not only changes but recycles time over time. We can observe different incarnations in all types of art throughout history. Some things considered beautiful today may very well appall people from a few decades ago. It’s often misinterpreted that artists and poets believe in only one beauty – the outer one. Visual aspect will give us the first impression of a person, that is unavoidable. Nevertheless, it is the inner beauty that we will include in our admiration towards others.

You will often find articles and discussions about what is more important and what will prevail; Inner or outer beauty? The truth is it's not something that should be observed as being an antagonistic relationship. Both are aspects of our personality and differ from one person to another. What you may find beautiful may not be attractive to someone else. This is why there are so many incredible cultures and people in the world who are different inside and out. This is what I love about the world we live in.

Finally, confidence roots you in who you really are. It is linked to almost every element involved in a happy and fulfilling life. You’ll be able to accept your weaknesses, knowing they don’t change your self-worth. You'll also be able to celebrate your strengths and use them more fully. Your actions will be in line with your principles, giving you a greater sense of purpose. You will know who you are and what you stand for. You’ll have the skills to show up, stand up, and speak up. In other words, you'll be able to let your best self shine through. Isn't that beautiful?

Multicultural Women
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