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 May Books Are Open!

What to expect:

Please watch the introduction video here if you haven't already. Your initial microblading cost will cover 2 appointments; your initial and perfecting touch up (6-8 weeks after). The first portion of the appointment includes the consultation where we will discuss your brow goals, lifestyle, and post care prior to moving into brow shaping and a customized pre-draw. Each step is designed to ease nerves and make you feel the most comfortable and confident moving forward! The pigment is chosen based on the color of the natural brow hair for the most natural healed results.



Virtual consultations have been paused at the moment:  Message me here if interested.

These typically take 10-15 minutes and we will have fun getting to know each other while answering all questions or concerns. Please make sure to watch the Introduction Video provided in this link, prior to your appointment. Thank you!

Previously microbladed:

Please submit 2 photos of your brows without makeup. One in natural lighting outside the other inside with room lighting. Text: 949-204-9608

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